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What Working Moms Want for Mother's Day, According to Working Moms

There are few more challenging endeavors in life than being a working mom. It’s the equivalent of balancing two full-time jobs with very needy co-workers, except only one comes with uninterrupted bathroom breaks. So when we asked real working moms what they wanted for Mother’s Day, the answer almost always fell into one of two categories: Something that requires time to pick out ⏤ time they don’t have ⏤ or stuff they’d love to own but would feel bad splurging on themselves. (Although the words “pampered,” “recharge,” and “acknowledged” also came up, just so you know.) Gifts like fancy lounge clothes for after work, framed art, and plants that won’t die after a day all made the list. Along with these seven other handsome hand-selected Mother’s Day gifts.