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5 Things That Will Save Your Morning Commute With Kids

Commuting with a toddler in the morning is no easy feat – especially when you’re living that city life. Once your kid has escaped stroller age, you realize how much toddlers love to take their time smelling the flowers, staring at their shoes, or complaining about well . . . everything. You might be wondering how you’ll get anywhere on time ever again.

Here’s 5 ways to outsmart your time-sucking toddler and still get to where you need to go – on time.

Household Mag’s Hailey Andresen Rolls Through Brooklyn

When searching for a Brooklyn blogger to follow along on a typical day on the go with her babe, we couldn’t think of a better person than Hailey Andresen of the blog, Household Mag. Hailey – writer, podcaster, and stylist – chronicles her life with her family of three in a refreshingly honest and genuine way that has earned her a loyal, and passionate following. After leaving their Brooklyn nest, and traveling around the world with their toddler son, Owen; Hailey and her husband decided Brooklyn still had their hearts. Now, they’re settling into their new neighborhood, and making daily discoveries during long walks, with Owen in tow. As a big believer in bringing Owen with her on adventures big and small, Hailey has learned some tricks along the way to make navigating urban settings seamless. One of her secret weapons? The Joolz Hub Stroller – the ultimate compact, go-anywhere stroller that’s designed for city life.