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Alexis Barad-Cutler is a group facilitator, a writer, and the founder of Not Safe For Mom Group (NSFMG) —an online and in-real-life community where women find connection in talking candidly — and without shame — about the grittier sides of the motherhood experience. Since the launch of NSFMG, she has opened up a much needed dialogue that moms have been craving — bringing to light topics that women have not been given the opportunities, or permission to share. Whether through the diversely programmed events Alexis produces, or the highly engaged online conversations she invites — Alexis is creating a new kind of “Mom Group” that takes into account all stages and struggles of the motherhood journey. 

Alexis is known in the digital motherhood and parenting space for her often raw and honest writing style. Her work has been featured in sites such as Mindr, Beyond Mom, Romper, Fatherly, Hey Mama, and Motherly — among other places that cater to the parenting set.

She hopes to continue to grow this wonderful community, where women can express their unfiltered feelings and experiences around motherhood — and ultimately, find power and community in speaking their stories out loud. You can follow her life in Brooklyn as a mama to two lovely brothers at @alexisbaradcutler. More about her professional work (and children’s books) can be found here.