Content Creator | Speaker | Moderator | Event Producer


I'm a content creator with a special knack for writing for the parenting market (I've written more articles for this demographic than is probably healthy). You can find my work at Well Rounded, Fatherly, Hey MamaRomper, Mindr, and Beyond Mom, among other places.

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I do it all, from concept phase to execution of the final product. From brands, to websites, to digital networking sites – I’ve worked across the industry to create content that is engaging, unique, and true to each brand’s voice.

Types of content include, but are not limited to:

  • blog posts

  • sponsored posts

  • listicles

  • round-ups

  • product reviews

  • event coverage

  • Instagram stories produced for your event/brand.

In my essays, I write about the stuff no one talks about in Mom Group (that's kind of my tagline). I look at the motherhood experience with raw honesty and humor, and question romanticized notions of what it means to be a mother in today's social-media-heavy world.  


Event Producer/Host:

Looking for someone to create an event for your women, motherhood-targeted brand that gets people talking? I can help you with that. I can “Not Safe For Mom Group” your event, or help you create a bespoke event that sparks conversation and engages attendees.

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