Household Mag’s Hailey Andresen Rolls Through Brooklyn

When searching for a Brooklyn blogger to follow along on a typical day on the go with her babe, we couldn’t think of a better person than Hailey Andresen of the blog, Household Mag. Hailey – writer, podcaster, and stylist – chronicles her life with her family of three in a refreshingly honest and genuine way that has earned her a loyal, and passionate following. After leaving their Brooklyn nest, and traveling around the world with their toddler son, Owen; Hailey and her husband decided Brooklyn still had their hearts. Now, they’re settling into their new neighborhood, and making daily discoveries during long walks, with Owen in tow. As a big believer in bringing Owen with her on adventures big and small, Hailey has learned some tricks along the way to make navigating urban settings seamless. One of her secret weapons? The Joolz Hub Stroller – the ultimate compact, go-anywhere stroller that’s designed for city life.

Let's Hear It For The Boys!

As many mamas of boys lament, when it comes to clothes shopping for young boys, the options are kinda slim. And when the occasion calls for something more formal – well, it can make you want to RSVP “no thanks” just to avoid the shopping drama. That’s where New York-based kids clothing brand Appaman, known for their vintage-inspired and thoughtfully made designs, comes to the rescue. Their slim-cut, sharply styled, and totally play-worthy suits for boys can give the joy of dressing girls a run for its money. When Appaman sent us some of their freshest spring suits to take for a spin around the neighborhood, our boys were totally down. Color coordinated, comfortable and just plain perfect, we had no trouble nailing the classic suit look. But we wanted to take these guys to the next level so we added some simple tweaks that any mama can pull off. Read on for our essential guide to upgrading your boy’s suit style from stiff to stylin’.